Dorchester Town Council

18th Century

18th Century Monmouth Rebellion prisoners are marched to Dorchester gaol before appearing before Judge Jeffries at the Bloody Assizes.  The town pump and Grey's Bridge are built.  Nat Searle and his pet sheep Caroline are seen around the town.  Planting starts in the North Walks.

This begins with the earliest known illustration of Dorchester's gaol, to which the Monmouth Rebellion prisoners were taken during the notorious Bloody Assizes.  The gallows, Judge Jeffries in chambers and his lodgings are all shown in the top section.

The rest of the panel shows the new Grey's Bridge and, below that, High East Street which has changed very little since this time.  The Town Pump was built and a lively market surrounded it.  Nat Seale and his pet sheep Caroline were often to be seen in the Town!

Much of Dorchester was rebuilt or renovated, including two new prisons, one of which is shown at the bottom left.  The town began to plant its famous walks of trees.