Dorchester Town Council

Payments to Suppliers

Every two months we publish a list of the payments that we have made to the various companies, bodies and individuals who have supplied the Council with the goods and services we need to operate and to enable us to continue to provide an excellent service to everyone who lives in, works in or visits Dorchester.

This information is presented to the Council’s Policy Committee and can be found within the Agenda papers for the meetings

If you would like to know more about an individual payment please contact our finance officer Nigel Hayes – email address  Include as much detail as you can about the item you are interested in and we shall do our best to reply within 7 working days, although we do not promise to do so.  We shall, though, always respond within the timescales laid down in the Freedom of Information Act.

For Payment to Suppliers reports in an MS Excel format please see the Policy Committee Agendas part of this site