Dorchester Town Council

19th Century

19th Century The Tolpuddle Martyrs are transported for forming a union.  Cholera in Fordington leads to campaigns by Reverend Henry Moule and Sarah Eldridge to improve conditions.  The existing prison is built.  Dorchester's Walks are at their finest.  Steam engines and agricultural equipment are built in the town.

The Tolpuddle Martyrs' story forms the first part of this panel.  The tragic outbreak of cholera in Fordington brought to light the devastating poverty of much of Dorchester.

Reverend Moule and Sarah Eldridge led campaigns to improve conditions.  Moule's ‘patent earth closet' was an invention that saved many lives and Sarah's work led to the building of the hospital (centre).

Part of Dorchester Barracks, The Keep and the new prison were built in this century and the Town Walks were at their very best.

Dorchester was home to some of the biggest manufacturers of steam engines and agricultural equipment in the south of England.