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How our meetings work

The full Town Council of all 20 councillors meets every 2 months. It mainly considers recommendations from the various committees but occasionally a councillor will put forward a motion for discussion on a matter of public concern and sometimes we have special meetings to discuss major issues affecting the town.

The agenda for all meetings, either of the Council or of any committees or sub-committees are set by the Town Clerk, although councillors often ask for items to be raised at meetings. There is usually also a combination of following up and reporting on items or actions from previous meetings and dealing with new issues that have arisen.

Each agenda item is discussed and sometimes voted on by the Councillors, although quite often decisions are reached by consensus without the need for a vote. The decisions reached are recorded in the minutes which are available for inspection by all members of the public and copies can be supplied. They are usually ready 4 working days following the meeting and can be seen at the Town Council offices and on this web site. They are also circulated to the various local media organisations so that they can report on the issues facing the community via newspapers and radio.

Once a decision has been passed by Council, and a course of action identified, the work is organised and/or carried out by the staff in the Town Clerk's Office.

Please note it is sometimes unavoidable that meeting dates need to be changed at short notice. Please check this web site or contact the Town Council Offices to confirm a meeting date.